Our expertise

Our expertise

At Mesturados Canarios we have always remained faithful to our philosophy: innovating and seeking continuous improvement to offer the Canary Islands market the highest quality, with the greatest efficiency, competitiveness and the best service.

This is what has led us to become the leading company in the sector on the Islands
, and the best possible partner when developing an innovative array of fresh-cut products.

Our fields

Our roots are firmly planted in the fields and therein lies the secret of our success: as farmers, we know and monitor the product from its point of origin.

We grow our own vegetables on farms located in Tenerife and Gran Canaria. More than 250 hectares with outdoor fields, hydroponic and greenhouse crops, where we produce more than 35 agricultural varieties, including different types of lettuces and brassicas, as well as specialities such as sprouts, rocket and spinach. We are also pioneers in the cultivation of lamb's lettuce on the Islands.

Our plant

Our production centre, located in Granadilla de Abona (Santa Cruz de Tenerife), boasts versatile facilities equipped with the latest technology at both the productive level as well as in the sphere of food safety and quality. We make close to 10 million product units each year in the centre.

We process vegetables directly from our fields, creating a wide variety of ready-to-eat and ready-to-cook products, adapted to the tastes of the Canary Islands market. 100 references from the range with a ‘Made in the Canaries’ seal.


Innovation is our main ingredient. We closely follow the latest food trends and turn them into new products, anticipating our customers’ and market needs.

At Mesturados Canarios we have invested more than 10 million euros in recent years for innovation and continuous improvement. We were the first company in the Canary Islands to produce kale and lamb’s lettuce and we have also introduced innovative ready-to-eat products with a marked Canary flavour to the supermarket shelves.

In addition to being leaders in the distribution sector market, we adapt our formats and recipes to different channels like Hospitality and Food Service.

Food safety
and quality

Our customers’ trust is essential. That’s why we are firmly committed to food safety and it is a central element integrated throughout the production chain, from the fields and crops to our production centre, including our suppliers and the final product.

We guarantee strict traceability checks on 100% of our products, right from the seed. Our plant in Granadilla de Abona (Tenerife) also boasts the latest technology in terms of food safety and quality, and features a proprietary laboratory where we carry out thorough controls on all the lots we produce.


Our suppliers are our partners. At Mesturados Canarios we work closely with local suppliers, based on a stable relationship founded on trust and permanent collaboration. This is how we have managed to create a sustainable value chain that helps to ensure that our locally-sourced products from the Canary Islands are of the highest quality, maximum freshness and utmost safety possible.

This supplier model is included in our Quality Control Model, which establishes a thorough standardisation and auditing system ensuring the quality and safety of the raw materials we work with.

Our agricultural suppliers are local farmers certified with the international Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) standard. We also rely on suppliers who are certified in the supply of sauces and raw materials for producing our salad topping trays.


In our farms as well as our processing centre, our work is firmly committed to society and the environment. The focus on sustainability guides us on the path to continual improvement to minimise and reduce our environmental footprint.

During packaging, we always choose the most sustainable alternatives, introducing eco-design criteria and using the smallest weight and amount of material possible. Our salad bowl packaging comes from 70% recycled plastic and 100% of the cardboard we use in our packaging has the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certification.