Our team

Our team

Our people are our greatest asset. We have an extraordinary team, capable of leading through the greatest challenges in the sector and our international positioning. That’s why we are committed to stable and quality employment, talent and professional development. As a responsible company, we are committed to diversity and inclusion, alongside professional development for our people in a dignified and safe work environment.

At Mesturados Canarios our staff is made up of more than 60 people. Our commitment to employment is reflected today in 91% of permanent contracts and 96% of full-time contracts.

Diversity contributes to our competitiveness and growth. Globally, our team is formed by employees with very diverse profiles, from field or logistics operators to engineers specialised in food and industrial design technologies, not to mention experts in nutrition, marketing and other fields.

mesturados canarios

mesturados canarios

Talent development

Our TalentLAB aims to build leadership skills, increase knowledge of the business and help our people – selected using our performance assessment and talent identification tools – to grow on a professional level.

Junior Talent

A rotational programme for professionals who have recently graduated and are starting their professional career in our organisation, with a clear focus on mobility and internationalisation.

BUILD Program

The Business Understanding & Individual Lead (BUILD) Program provides the bases for professional paths within the company, combining technical training with a deep dive into the organisation and the business.

LEAD Program

The Leadership Education and Development (LEAD) Program offers development and training opportunities to managers at all levels of the company and focuses on transforming and conveying the management culture.

FIT Program

The Framework for Identity Transformation (FIT) Program seeks to manage diversity among managers and opinion and influence leaders of business units recently integrated into the group, focusing on the transmission and integration of the organisational culture, values, and philosophy.

Top Managers

A development programme for our future leaders to encourage the growth of those who will have a significant impact on the transformation and expansion of the organisation over the next few years.