With the focus placed on the Canary market, we offer our customers global solutions that range from product design, packing line and packaging design , to specialised distribution and logistics services adapted to different channels.

Product development

We have been supplying a wide variety of innovative products to the Canary market for more than 10 years, adapting the products to the islanders’ tastes and needs.

We want to help our customers to revolutionise healthy eating with a wide array of healthy, balanced recipes in practical formats, always aligned with the latest consumer trends and with a marked Canary flavour.

We create different types of products and formats, from single products to mixed-leaf salads and full salads, as well as fresh vegetables dishes that are ready to eat or cook, and sliced fruit.

Packaging design

We take care of all the product development stages. That’s why we work with companies that are experts in packaging design that help us to create the most attractive options for our customers to present their products, and which best preserve the freshness and quality that make us stand out.

Together with our packaging suppliers, we always seek to offer new more sustainable package options, providing added value for our customers and responding to the current market demands.

Packaging line

Our production centre is designed to provide versatility and industrial capacity to provide service to our customers. We create different types of packaging for a wide variety of products, with mixed vegetables and a variety of recipes, in different bag, bowl or cup formats, and even special formats for the Food Service and Hospitality channel for the Canary market.


Our advanced order-preparation equipment relies on SAP technology and an efficient logistics model that allows us to ensure that our customers in the Islands can enjoy a continual supply of our fresh and healthy products in less than 24 hours every day of the year.

In recent years we have upgraded the plant, expanding the storage capacity to attend to our growth and customer demand. We have devices equipped with SAP technology, a fully automated system that allows us to efficiently manage the storage facility.